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The Renegade Orchestra is a group of musicians pushing the boundaries of what a string orchestra can do. With an average of 10 shows a year, this orchestra needs help to keep paying a reasonable wage to its fantastic musicians. These hard-working folks from all over the bay area are professional musicians who love to play and rock out. Please help.

The Renegade Orchestra is a 501 (c) (3)organization and all donations are  tax deductible. 


The Renegade Orchestra is built on the premise that a group of fantastic classical players who want to let their hair down and rock out, need an outlet to perform and show off everything they can do. The members of the Renegade Orchestra are all professional musicians who have spent thousands of hours honing their craft in the hopes of bringing joy, happiness, and a whole lot of toe-tapping to audiences.


With the Renegade Orchestra, each musician gets pushed forward - unlike a standard classical symphony, everyone is important, everyone has a say, and everyone is appreciated. With the help of donations, the Renegade Orchestra can continue to put on concerts all over the bay area and beyond.

The Renegade Orchestra’s main source of income is selling tickets to concerts, but this group needs a little help as its audiences grow. Donations will go directly to helping pay each member of the group. 


With support, the Renegade Orchestra can continue to put on wildly innovative concerts, from warehouse spaces to hotels in the Tenderloin to roadhouses and everywhere you might not expect to see an orchestra. Crazy fun arrangements of classic rock songs, from the Rolling Stones to Nina Simone give this group an innovative sound - please help us continue.



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