Welcome to the Renegade Orchestra - it’s time to throw out all the old conventions of a quiet, sleepy, stuffy show of musicians locked in straight jackets of tradition. 


Clap your hands, tap your feet, and yell all you want - the Renegade Orchestra embraces the virtuosic skills of top bay area musicians and turns them loose on songs orchestras have never done or maybe shouldn’t do. 


No sleepy pop songs, no overly-lush jazz standards, but the pure unbridled fury of what an orchestra can truly do.


"The concert was inspiring in every way...Conductor Jason Eckl was a triple threat...an inspired leader, a brilliant arranger, and a genial host." - Piedmont Post

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Piedmont Post

The Bay Area's Renegade Orchestra will perform a concert at the Piedmont Center for the Arts on Saturday, September 11 at noon. This outdoor concert and socially distant show will feature an unconventional orchestra performing on the beautiful lawn in front of the Piedmont Center for the Arts.  

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The Richmond Standard

Reps describe the Bay Area orchestra as “throwing out all the conventions of a quiet, sleepy, stuffy show of musicians locked in straitjackets of tradition.” Audience members can expect virtuosic orchestra musicians with a “hard drivin’ rhythm section” that will perform wide-ranging works from composers like Nina Simone, Miles Davis, the Mamas and the Papas and the disco queen herself, Donna Summer.

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